28th August 2018

Creative Writing Planning

  1. Look into: Opening scene, view point, key vocabulary, what will happen next/In the novel, 3rd person, cyberspace, key event, character – what enlightenment will they experience, setting.
  2. Expansion on setting (think about): Time, place, social, atmosphere – touch, taste, sound, smell, sight.

Totalitarian government – event – back 1 week – now problem, propaganda? (sexism, racism etc) – main character (boring, thrill seeker – traits) – rebelling society – LOCATION: futuristic version of earth (ruined from the damage we are doing now??) – vocab (different or same)

Main female lead: White privilege and authority – like pre racial changes in our society. Rebelling society for equality.

Main male lead: White male privilege – woman cook clean and do what men want. Rebelling society of men to change this.

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