Power is the most influential and alarming aspect of the modern world. It plays a strong part in how society and individuals are controlled and contained worldwide. It is represented to us through the use of social media, government control, and everyday social settings. Through the use of Dystopian visual and written text, it helps to […]

Another cloudless yet finger biting cold, spring day in Chicago. Gust of cool air and bisque daffodil petals blooming amongst the suburban streets. Avenues crawling with people, but no sound, no musicians, no speaking, nothing. On one side of the street lay clean-cut, vibrant buildings of offices and higher class job facilities. On the other […]

Look into: Opening scene, view point, key vocabulary, what will happen next/In the novel, 3rd person, cyberspace, key event, character – what enlightenment will they experience, setting. Expansion on setting (think about): Time, place, social, atmosphere – touch, taste, sound, smell, sight. Totalitarian government – event – back 1 week – now problem, propaganda? (sexism, […]

TECHNOLOGY Predicted Technology vs Actual 1984 Technology In “1984” George Orwell writes about how being monitored 24/7 and having telescreens and clandestines microphones everywhere they go, including their homes. Although in modern day 1984 their technological focus’ were the newly released Apple Macintosh Computer – the most anticipated personal computer release to date. In the […]

Dear Mr. Trump, My name is Ivan and I am writing to you to ask for your younger daughter’s hand in marriage. Now I understand, Mr. Trump, why should a busy man like yourself take a moment to read a wordy letter from a nobody who has the audacity to make such an incredulous proposal? […]